people stretching doing pilates and barre with hand weights and a ball

Barre classes in Bristol, BS3

people stretching over chairs doing pilates

Why do Barre?

  • Tick the ‘cardio’ box without any high impact exercises
  • Target stabilizing muscles meaning better at running/lifting/cycling
  • Set to feel good music + gets endorphins rushing
  • Increases muscle tone
  • Ideal for rehab/injury prevention
  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels
people reaching up doing pilates and barre using chairs

What to expect?

  • All equipment is provided (but you are welcome to bring your own mat)
  • Grip socks or bare feet recommended
  • 5 min warm up off the ‘barre’, 25 - 30 mins at the ‘barre’, 5-10 min abdominal section on the mat, 5 min stretch
  • Modifications given to increase or decrease challenge/accommodate injury
  • A friendly, welcoming + supportive environment

What our members think

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"I’d never done Barre before so didn’t know what to expect, but Jo explains the movements clearly and offers directions on technique. It’s a challenging class, even for a veteran fitness goer, but there are scalable options throughout. The best thing about the class though, is that it is fun. I consistently get the arm and leg movements out of sync, and we all just giggle about it."

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"I was worried starting Barre as I'm 56 but with Jo's support I always leave the class feeling motivated and energised. Everyone is friendly and welcoming."

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"Barre with Jo is always just the right balance of fun and challenge. She has also helped me to adapt movements in pregnancy so that I can carry on exercising safely. I would absolutely recommend her classes to anyone!"

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"I started Barre with Jo to try something new and I love it, I can’t recommend it enough. She’s so professional, smiley and she definitely gets us working- I love feeling the burn!"

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Since doing barre with Jo, I feel stronger and fitter. She's so welcoming and friendly and always offers helpful modifications for anyone that needs them. Most of all, her classes are fun!

How to find us

Our Barre classes in Bristol are held at The Charles Padfield Memorial Hall, Victoria Park Baptist Church, Sylvia Avenue, BS3 5DA

When you arrive

The entrance is right on the corner of St John’s Lane and Sylvia Avenue.The hall is called the ‘Charles Padfield Memorial Hall’ and is accessed by the glass double doors rather than the entrance to the church itself.

Once you enter walk up the stairs to the right and you will see the hall through the glass doors and windows there too. There is a lift as well which is accessed through the lower hall.

Driving + Cycling

There is free parking on Sylvia Avenue and all surrounding roads. It’s a residential area so things can get busy but there are multiple options so you shouldn’t have to hunt for a space for too long!Bike racks out front.

Public Transport

BUS: Nearest stop is Bellevue Road (on Wells Road) with a 10 min walk from there to the hall.

TRAIN: Temple Meads is the closest station where you can then get the bus to Bellevue Road. Parson Street which is a 25 min walk or you can get the 76 to Bedminster Parade and walk through Victoria Park.

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